Thank you for coming!

What a week! Firstly, can I say a huge thank you to all those who managed to make it to our Class Assembly this week; I know the children really appreciated the support. Another big thank you to all those who practiced lines with your children. You probably knew the lines off by heart as well! And thirdly, a massive congratulations to all of Sun Class for pulling off a fantastic assembly. Sadly, for some of you, it will be your last at Flitch Green, but it was a fitting finale!

Now that experience is over, we can focus on our new one – designing a sustainable city! Children will be focusing their geographic knowledge on the Caribbean island of St Lucia and designing a city that will be able to run sustainably. We have also entered one lucky team into a Raspberry Pi competition. They are running a competition based around sustainable cities, so depending on how the work goes in class, we’ll have an entry to win their primary competition!

To kickstart this, we checked out the children’s locational knowledge – which was very interesting to say the least! On the whole, it wasn’t too bad and we addressed any locational misconceptions quickly! We located the equator and the tropics (Capricorn and Cancer) to find the tropical belt. We also looked at where the Arctic and Antarctica were – and which was which! The children were then challenged to find different countries and cities around the world using atlases.

In Maths, we’re nearing the end of our work on multiplication and division. This week we have been focusing predominately on factors, multiples and prime numbers. The children had the challenge of finding all of the prime numbers to 100 and showed great resilience with their approaches. Well done to all those who managed to find them!

In our writing, we’ve moved on to looking at non-chronological reports. This week, the children have been recapping the use of parenthesis and relative clauses. We will spend another lesson looking at these on Monday to ensure we are all clear on their use and where/when to use them effectively. I then hope to see them being used in their hot tasks, which we will begin later next week.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mr Keeble

Happy VE Day!

Firstly, welcome back! What a hectic week it has been and what a week we have in store next week as well.

Our outcome finally arrived! Much fun was had in class today during the preparation stages, with butter, spam and I don’t know what else being carved and sliced to perfection in a mad rush. I have to say, the children worked extremely well together during this time and were very forthcoming with ideas and showed a wonderful willingness to help both myself and other groups. Well done to the children who supported Mrs Grenville with the baking of the cakes. I know she greatly appreciated it and had some lovely feedback regarding manners as well – despite there being a few emergencies to seal leaky cake tins and a lack of eggs…! Check out some of the photos from below of the afternoon.

Next week, we have our class assembly at 9.15am on Thursday. Feel free to come along and listen to the children explain how they managed to get to the outcome today. I’ll send scripts out for the children on Monday so that they can practise any lines that they may have at home.

Enjoy your weekends,

Mr Keeble

Time To Take Off For The Holidays!

A hectic week (and half-term!) has come to an end and I’ve been so proud with how well the children have approached their learning since being back – I look forward to this continuing as we move on towards Christmas in a couple of weeks time.

We began the week by heading off on our school trip to Duxford. It was a highly enjoyable and educational day out and I believe that the children all gained a lot from it as well. As you’ve probably heard already, the children had the opportunity to look around two of the hangars there (Land Warfare and Airspace), searching for answers among the displays and artefacts there. On top of this, they produced some documentaries about some of the things they came across in the Battle of Britain Hangar. I will look at these over the next couple of weeks share them with the class when we get back! Have a look at some of the photos below!

In Maths, both Miss Pearce and I have been very impressed with the children’s work ethic and attitude going forward. We feel that both classes are in a strong position going forward – please keep working hard at Going for Golds and Times Table Rockstars as the children will be tested when they get back after the first week off!

Thank you to all those who came to Parents’ Evening over the last few days – it was a pleasure to meet you all! If, for whatever reason, you missed an appointment and would still like to meet, feel free to email me and we can arrange something for next half-term.

In the meantime, rest up and come back refreshed!

Mr Keeble


Sketches Nearly Complete!

One more week down! We’re moving swiftly towards the last week of the half-term (where has the time gone!) and making some of the finishing touches to much of our work. In our experience lessons, we have been working hard at doing the best possible sketches we can. The children have continually altered and bettered their work over the course of the week and there has been a dramatic improvement from where they started a few weeks ago, so well done everyone on that!

In Maths, my group have been focusing a lot of effort around column multiplication and short division. This has gone well so far with the children showing great levels of competency with the two methods. I would mention that, as a class, our times table knowledge needs to improve and become more fluent than it is currently! So keep working hard on Going for Gold and make use of your Times Table Rockstar logins too.

The children have been working hard in their English lessons. We continue to build a solid toolkit of punctuation that we can use in our writing, and we are getting better at using it in an accurate manner too! We need to carry on with this progression and continue to develop our skills in this area. Next week, the children will be writing up their hot tasks – a biography of Anne Frank. Hopefully, we will see plenty of examples of what they have been working hard on in these!

Just a quick reminder – the children are heading to Duxford on Tuesday so please remember packed lunches and normal school uniform are needed. We also have Parent’s Evenings next week – if you haven’t already, please book a slot in to see me!

Have a lovely weekend,

Mr Keeble

Looking ahead!

Good afternoon! One more week down and we’re drawing ever closer to half-term. The class have been busy with their experience this week, practising their sketches of WW2 Remembrance poppies before we give it another go next week. We’ve also continued looking at Light in Science, taking a closer look at how submarines were used in the war and how their periscopes worked too. We had a very successful lesson and managed to build and colour our own ones too! Check out the photo below.

In Maths, my group have been battling away with addition and subtraction problems for the most part. We followed this up by looking at exam-style questions as well, thinking carefully about how we can approach these questions and what tools we have to help us answer them accurately. Today, we have focused on column multiplication and will continue this into next week, as well as looking at division methods.

In our writing, we have started to look at biographies. We will be writing our very own biographies about Anne Frank and have started to investigate her in some detail through looking at some of her very own diary entries that she wrote in during her time in hiding  in the Netherlands. Next week, we will focus on our grammar targets to help us write an accurate piece!

Enjoy your weekends!

Mr Keeble

Evacuees in Dunmow!

What a whirlwind of a week! In our Experience lessons, we had a closer look at how we see objects, understanding that we need a light source and the light reflects INTO our eyes, not out of them – no matter how cool that would be! We then looked back at some History and wondered what it would have been like to have been an evacuee leaving the dangerous London to the safe-haven that is Dunmow. We discussed – at length – the thoughts and feelings that would have crossed our minds and wrote diary entries to convey these.

In Maths, my group has been largely focusing on addition and subtraction, slowly building up to looking at some missing number problems too. We will carry on with this as we go into next week, looking at some multi-step word problems before moving onto methods of multiplication and division.

We have gradually been making our way through our hot task this week: writing the next chapter of Fireweed. This has proven to be a good challenge for the children and, after some extensive editing sessions this morning, I look forward to reading their final pieces. Hopefully, these should be completed on Monday, which means that we can then move onto our next unit of writing.

A quick notice to say how pleased I am to see MyMaths and Reading improved already across the class! There are a couple who haven’t still completed there MyMaths (you know who you are!) but we are closing in on 90% success rate, so well done everybody!

Enjoy your weekends,

Mr Keeble

Darkest Hour

Another week has flown by! We’ve worked hard with our experience lessons having covered a multitude of things, including History, Art and Science.

In our History lesson, we watched the beginning of ‘Darkest Hour’ to get more of an insight as to what Winston Churchill and Neville Chamberlain were like as people, as well as the reasons behind the change in Prime Minister at the time. In Art, we’ve begun looking at sketching and this week we looked at how the different pencils produced different effects on the paper – some broad and thicker lines whilst others were thinner and scratchier. Finally, we finished off the week by looking at our Light unit in Science. Today, we focused on the understanding that light travels in straight lines and using this information we made light mazes!

In our Maths lessons with me, we’ve been finishing off the unit on place value. The last few lessons we’ve been looking at negative numbers – the ability to count back and forth across 0 as well as understanding when they can be used and in what manner. The children seem pretty confident on these, and we’ll be aiming to get started on the four operations next week!

In English, we’ve continued to look at building cohesion and the use of accurate punctuation within our writing. Slowly, but surely, we are heading in the right direction with this! The children have begun to use adverbs and conjunctions more naturally within their writing to expand and develop their sentences. Next week, we’ll be looking at our hot task and continuing with Fireweed, our class text.

Thank you for your improved participation in MyMaths! It’s pleasing to see more numbers completing the work – but we can still do better! If you haven’t done last week’s, please do not forget about it!

Have a lovely weekend,

Mr Keeble